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kertyschoo's Journal

the kertyschoo tent brigade
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for those with of an imaginative nature and/or who have children...gather your tents or makeshift ones, pitch them up inside or outdoors, go inside and read fairy tales, folk tales, fables and classic children's literature, and maybe even put up a sheet for shadow puppets and a projector for some great movies...let's start our brigade!!!!

tell us what you are reading, what movies you are showing, what food your are serving (with photos and recipes too!) and any other ideas for the kertyschoo tent brigade...and don't forget to show us pictures of your tent havens....

(note: the tent brigade was named 'kertyschoo' after the first book read to my daughter in our makeshift tent, the story of peter rabbit, after being discovered by mr. macgregor and trying to escape, hides in a bucket and catches a little cold causing him to sneeze 'kertyschoo'...)