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backyard camping from cookie - the kertyschoo tent brigade
backyard camping from cookie

A few old-fashioned activities will turn your backyard excursion into a night to remember.

show time

Project a movie onto a sheet hung from a clothesline or a wall. The MovieMate 30s (shown; $800, Epson) is made specifically for outdoor projections. Click here for a chance to win one.

Night games

Ward off any fears of the dark by playing some games before bedtime.

Flashlight hide-and-seek: Have the seeker "tag" any players he finds with the glow of his flashlight.

A moonlit tour: Lead a blindfolded person around the yard and have her guess where she's ended up.

Midnight portraiture: Draw a picture of your bunkmates in the dark, then turn on the lantern and guess who's who.

Shadow puppetry: Perfect your hand-shadow bunny, elephant, or puppy against the tent walls.
Spooky Stories

Can't quite remember the tales told during your slumber-party days? Cuddle up with:

A Very Hairy Scary Story, by Rick Walton, for ages 4 and up

Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories, for ages 8 and up

Tell Me a Scary Story ... but Not Too Scary! by Carl Reiner (a book on CD), for ages 4 and up

find at: http://www.cookiemag.com/homefront/product/2007/06/backyardcamping?currentPage=4
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